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Ocean Mist Farms Introduces Brussels Sprouts In Retailers

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Castroville, California-based Ocean Mist Farms’ brussels sprouts are headed into the peak fall crop to meet shopper demand during the holiday season.

Known for its Gold Standard Artichokes, Ocean Mist Farms also provides brussels sprouts, which are being harvested out of Castroville through January, and will be coming out of Coachella and Mexico beginning in late-December.

“The fall crop is peaking now along the central coast of California, right in time for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,” said Mark Munger, senior director of marketing.

“Although Ocean Mist Farms grows Brussels sprouts year-round, the crop peaks during November, which is a reason Brussels sprouts continue to grow in popularity as a holiday favorite. The season will begin shifting to the Coachella Valley in late December and we expect the central coast harvest to continue well into January. We anticipate a very smooth transition into our desert growing region with supply coming out of all three regions during the December holidays.”

Ocean Mist Farms’ Brussels sprout volume has increased steadily over the last couple of years to meet demand. The company’s release of the “Season & Steam” pack created further interest with this convenient cook-in pack. The company has added a wider range of value-added products, including the 16-ounce and 32-ounce family size form and fill packs, as well as halved and shredded Brussels sprout packs.

According to a recent article, shoppers spend $4.3 million on Brussels sprouts every year at Thanksgiving. Ocean Mist Farms has a library of information and recipes for consumers to learn how to prepare and cook brussels sprouts.

Recipe inspiration includes year-round ideas for weeknight dinners as well as holiday dishes, such as Shredded Brussels Sprouts With Bacon & Pecans, Supershreds Cesar Salad and Apple Glazed Brussels Sprouts.

“We’ve found that when retailers merchandise a range of pack options, including bulk, packaged whole, and fresh-cut, sales increase significantly,” Munger said. “We also recommend displaying sprouts in the value-added case and also in the wet rack, providing a variety of convenient options within arm’s reach.” 

Through Ocean Mist Farms’ food-safety practices and procedures, the company provides shoppers with quality Brussels sprouts. Shoppers can visit this page for the latest information about where Ocean Mist Farms Brussels sprouts are being produced.

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