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Vallarta Supermarkets Implements Logile’s Management Suite


Logile has announced that Southern California-based retailer Vallarta Supermarkets has signed to roll out the Logile Inventory Management Solutions suite across its organization.

Logile IMS is a solution suite that provides a center-store inventory management ecosystem focused on each store. Logile’s IMS, combined with its forecast and Workforce Management solution suites, offers retailers a unified solution suite – from item management to forecasting to ordering, to receiving to in-store production to service execution – for both center store and fresh departments on one platform.

“Building upon our long-standing partnership with Vallarta, first in Workforce Management and now with IMS, Logile could not be prouder to collaborate with such a forward-thinking retail leader in bringing this unique and much-needed solution to market,” said Purna Mishra, Logile founder and CEO.

“Logile’s Inventory Management Solution represents the next step in completing our vision to provide retailers with a single-point solution for store planning, scheduling, production and service execution.”

Retailers deal with the persistent problems associated with multiple, disconnected business forecasts and various point solutions cobbled together from different providers. According to Logile, despite many efforts to make it all work, industry out-of-stocks remain high, shrink levels remain unacceptable, service levels and productivity are not optimized, regulatory compliance risks remain high and profitability remains both constrained and under increasing pressure. Retailers have long been searching for a single, unified solution set that will help boost sales, reduce shrink, optimize productivity and yield improved service levels and earnings.

“Vallarta operates a format that emphasizes ‘fresh,’ so the ability with Logile IMS to anticipate demand and production capacity while providing fresher products for our customers is an outstanding value proposition,” said Steve Netherton, CIO and VP of continuous improvement at Vallarta.

“We will now be able to leverage Logile’s superior, multi-layered forecasting accuracy across critical parameters like price, promotions, weather, events, holidays, business trends and seasonality. IMS will help us optimize inventory management along with store-level production planning and labor and task management to most efficiently deliver our brand promise.”

Dan Bursik, SVP of product management at Logile, said, “The current retail environment, including rising wages, hard-to-find employees and less experienced managers and employees, requires the right tools to fulfill production needs efficiently and attack out-of-stocks, over-production and shrink – which erode profit. We are pleased to deliver IMS to cover all aspects of inventory management and honored to work alongside Vallarta as a partner in their continued success.”

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