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Hormel Foods Collaborates With Crisp, Google Data

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New York-based Crisp has announced a new partnership with Austin, Minnesota-based Hormel Foods, a global branded food company, to expand its data capabilities.

Using the Crisp platform, Hormel Foods is able to share and leverage historical and real-time data insights in Google Cloud from leading retailers, helping to further improve business performance for its retail customers.

Hormel Foods can now access and share real-time delivery, retail, supply chain, manufacturing and inventory data, empowering its teams to be proactive in talking to buyers about inventory issues or shipments that have been delayed using the latest available information.

“We have made great strides in our analytics in a short period of time so our teams can more easily obtain and understand our e-commerce sales data,” said Leslie Lee, VP of digital experience at Hormel Foods.

“We’ve built data lakes and business models to help us analyze this data and today we are in a really solid place of being able to know what our e-commerce sales and share growth looks like and where they’re coming from. Our partnership with Crisp enables our teams to focus on strategic analytics instead of spending time building and managing data. Crisp has become an extension of our IT team as an expert in the different retail platforms we work with and this solution allows us to provide the best experience for our retail customers.”

With the ability to integrate disparate data sources through Crisp into Google BigQuery, Hormel Foods has visibility into what is happening at the physical shelf in real-time, using data to inform its retail customers about potential out-of-stock issues and aid in the reduction of food waste.

“Crisp has proven to be a great partner. Their data sharing tools allow our data engineering team to streamline the integration pipeline into our data lake through Google’s data cloud. This lets our team focus their time and efforts toward more strategic analysis that brings insights and value to our company and our customers,” said Mark Vaupel, VP of IT services at Hormel Foods.

Are Traasdahl, CEO and founder of Crisp, said, “Hormel Foods recognizes the importance of real-time insights to help them stay agile and successful. Collaboration between leading brands such as Hormel Foods and their retail partners, as well as technology partners such as Google Cloud, is key to reducing food waste, improving their profitability and increasing end-customer satisfaction.”

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