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Retailers Recognize Logile As Top 10 Retail Technology Provider


Dallas, Texas-based Logile has announced that retailers rated the company No. 1 overall for customer satisfaction and performance with 12 additional No. 1 placements across the 2023 RIS News Software LeaderBoard, RIS’ annual retail customer satisfaction survey.

Logile also placed No. 8 on the overall Top 20 best retail industry technology providers and is the only workforce management solution vendor to appear on the list. Additionally, Logile ranked in the top two positions in more than half of the LeaderBoard categories.

Retailers have voted the technology provider onto the annual LeaderBoard since 2015. This year marks its sixth appearance and highest placement on the overall Top 20. Logile’s No. 1 rankings in customer satisfaction and performance are flanked by other No. 1 ratings in categories measuring implementation, support and ease of use.

The company’s No. 1 rankings include the following categories: customer satisfaction, overall performance, return on investment (ROI), total cost of operation, technology innovation, software reliability, ease of administration and maintenance, quality of support and recommendations.

“Logile’s consistent placement on the RIS LeaderBoard every year since 2015 and its six-year history on the overall Top 20 provider list – cracking the Top 10 this year – are impressive indications of Logile’s commitment and ability to deliver the solutions and support retailers need for ongoing success in an ever-changing industry,” said Jamie Grill-Goodman, editor-in-chief at RIS News.

“Since its first appearance on the LeaderBoard, Logile’s planning, WFM and execution portfolio has grown, now leveraging a unified single store forecast to provide additional solutions for inventory management including perpetual inventory, production planning, fresh item management, recipe management and computer assisted ordering. Logile’s 2023 LeaderBoard ratings signal retailers’ approval of Logile’s ongoing solution investment direction and innovation.”

Tom Herman, SVP of strategy and execution at Northgate Market, said, “I’m not at all surprised that Logile finished so high in the 2023 RIS LeaderBoard retail survey. Our experience with Logile has been phenomenal, quite honestly. If they were No. 1 in customer service, I can see why. I didn’t get a chance to participate in the survey, but I would’ve given them No. 1 as well.

“I think the big key is their responsiveness. They are a business solutions provider, and I think if you really are a business solutions provider, you really have to be good at customer service. And Logile’s customer service is far and away the best in the industry.”

Read more about the company’s 2023 LeaderBoard rankings and reasons here.

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