Robinson, Barry

Barry Robinson,
Harveys Supermarket And Reid’s
Barry Robinson is well known in the Georgia Food Industry Assn., having led the group as chairman. He has been involved with all facets of Harveys for the past 19 years and is seen as a catalyst for developing both Harveys and Reid’s, two of Delhaize America’s older but growing Southern chains.

Harveys Supermarket is a small-town grocer providing good prices and excellent value on quality products combined with exceptional customer care. Harveys operates 71 stores in small towns throughout Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Reid’s has been famous for its famous quality offering of grocery products since 1972. Currently, the grocer has 11 stores in South Carolina. The store is mostly recognized to its customers by the slogan, “We can save you Money!”

“Barry is an outstanding leader and exceptional retail operator, and is so deserving of this recognition. His unique ability to drive outstanding performance, coupled with his eye for excellence, are core to his character and reflective of his strong leadership. Barry has a strong passion for people and is constantly coaching and mentoring his team at Harveys, and he is always doing what is right for the customer. In all that he does, he remains focused on what is key to our business – selling groceries. Our company is extremely fortunate to have Barry as part of the Harveys and Delhaize America team,” said Cathy Green Burns, president of Food Lion, Harveys, and Reid’s.

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