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ECRS Introduces EBT Chip, Tap Technology For Retailers


Recognizing the need for enhanced security measures, ECRS has spearheaded the transition to chip and tap technology for EBT payments.

Through collaboration with industry experts, ECRS’ E-Payments team has implemented support for the new SNAP EBT chip cards, allowing payment acceptance to retailers running ECRS’s CATAPULT Retail POS software. This initiative not only demonstrates ECRS’s commitment to innovation but also positions the company as a leader in safeguarding the financial well-being of low-income people who rely on SNAP benefits.

Beginning Aug. 1, California and Oklahoma will roll out new SNAP EBT cards equipped with chip and tap technology. This shift marks a crucial milestone in the fight against EBT fraud, offering enhanced protection for retailers and SNAP participants.

Key benefits of SNAP EBT chip cards include:

  • Increased security measures to combat fraud, including skimming incidents;
  • Protection of SNAP benefits through advanced encryption technology;
  • Assurance for SNAP participants that their benefits are safe and secure; and
  • Enhanced trust and confidence in retailers equipped with chip payment options.

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ECRS encourages retailers to embrace this progressive change and join the movement toward a more secure EBT payment system. By accepting SNAP EBT chip cards, retailers not only protect their businesses but also contribute to the welfare of SNAP participants across the nation.

“Throughout my time at ECRS, I have seen singlehandedly a bad issue of EBT fraud where a retailer had their EBT customers’ cards stolen via skimmer and the account drained completely,” said Logan Phillips, ECRS E-Payments business unit manager.

“The most devastating part about this is that bad actors are stealing from cardholders who truly rely on these funds to get by, and most, if not all, are low income. I am glad I could be a part of spearheading the development efforts to ensure our software could easily accept SNAP EBT chip cards and provide a new level of payment security to our retailers’ local communities.”

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