Karoun Dairies Adds New Greek Yogurts, Labne And Breakfast Cream Items

Karoun Breakfast Cream

Karoun Dairies is expanding its all natural dairy products offerings with additions to its popular lines, including Non-Fat Greek Honey Yogurt and Vanilla Honey Greek Yogurt, and the launch of new flavored Labnes and Spreadable Breakfast Cream.

All new products will be available in stores nationwide by September 2013. They are all natural, free of growth hormones BGH/rBST and are OU Kosher certified.

Karoun Labne
Karoun Mediterranean Style Kefir Cheese Labne

Karoun’s latest addition of all-natural, flavored probiotic-rich Labnes are blended with classic flavors such as Ranch, French Onion and Spicy Garden Vegetables. Great as a dip or spread, Karoun’s labne is a healthy replacement for cream cheese and sour cream.

Karoun Dairies’ has added to its already popular line of Greek yogurts with the launch of Non-Fat Greek Style Yogurt With Honey and Vanilla Honey Greek Yogurt. Karoun’s award-winning line of all natural yogurts is free from growth hormones, BGH/rBST and contains live and active probiotic cultures.

Karoun Greek Yogurt with Honey
Karoun Greek Yogurt with Honey

Karoun’s Spreadable Breakfast Cream has a rich and creamy taste and consistency. Similar to traditional clotted cream, Karoun’s Spreadable Breakfast Cream can be used as an accompaniment to hot or cold desserts and as a spread on flatbread with honey.

Turlock, Calif.-based Karoun Dairies uses only milk from cows that are free from growth hormones, BGH/rBST and are Real California Milk certified. The dairy now owns and operates an 80,000-s.f. facility employing more than 100 people who handcraft more than 100 different types of cheeses and natural yogurt products for the Karoun Mediterranean, Middle Eastern (Arz), Hispanic (Queso Del Valle), Indian (Gopi) and Greek (Yanni) product lines.

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