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Whitelisting Instructions

Whitelisting information and instructions for The Shelby Report newsletters.

Increasingly, companies are using filtering systems to keep unwanted “spam” out of your email inbox. But sometimes, due to the nature of the email content, a “False Positive” in the spam filter/quarantine filter can be triggered and emails that you have subscribed to and want to receive are not delivered. To make sure you receive our newsletters follow the below to add us as a trusted sender in your email application, sometimes referred to as “whitelisting”.

For your corporate IT department:
Forward this page to your ISP, IT department, or Email Provider. Or print it out and give it to the person who manages your work computer.

Newsletter email address:  [email protected]

IP Address to add:,,,, and

These IPs send important information from The Shelby Report.

For personal email accounts:
For users of these service providers below, do the following to whitelist [email protected] so you don’t miss an issue.

Open your email message and click the Add to Address Book button to the right of our name. Verify the contact details, and click Add to Address Book.

Open your email message and click Save Address in the toolbar. Verify our contact details and click OK.

Outlook/Outlook Express
Open the email and right-click our email address and click Add to Contacts. Then click Save and Close.

AOL WebMail
Open your email message and click on our email address. Click Add to Address Book, then click Save.

Open your email message and click Add to Address Book in the email header. Verify our contact details and click Save.

Open your email message and click Contacts on the left margin. Add [email protected] where you see “Primary Email”.


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