Blue Bell Introduces Red, White & Blue Bell Ice Cream

Red, White & Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell is rolling out new Red, White & Blue Bell Ice Cream, a colorful dessert featuring a strawberry ice cream loaded with strawberries, a vanilla ice cream as well as a blueberry ice cream combined with real blueberries—all packaged side by side in one carton.

“We started with three basic ice cream flavors, strawberry, vanilla and blueberry, packaged together,” said Paul Kruse, Blue Bell CEO and president. “But then we kicked it up a notch by blending refreshing strawberries and blueberries into the ice creams. That’s what really makes Red, White & Blue Bell so delicious.”

There’s only one dilemma, according to Blue Bell: eat the flavors separately or all together?

“You might have to conduct your own taste test to solve that one,” Kruse said. “However, I can say the flavors complement each other quite well. We also make The Great Divide and Ultimate Neapolitan, which both feature multiple flavors in one carton packaged side by side. We’ve been known to say around Blue Bell, ‘it’s ice cream, keep it fun.’”

Not only is the side-by-side ice cream visually enticing, but the colorful carton is sure to grab the attention of shoppers as they make their way down the ice cream aisle, according to Kruse. Each half-gallon and pint-sized container of Red, White & Blue Bell is adorned with stars and stripes.

Red, White & Blue Bell Ice Cream is debuting in stores this month in time for Memorial Day gatherings.

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