Cryovac And Kane Beef Roll Out New Clipless Ground Beef Packages

Cryovac and Kane's clipless chub packaging features five plastic seals but can be opened by hand.

Cryovac and Kane's clipless chub packaging features five plastic seals but can be opened by hand.

Kane Beef has launched a new metal-free alternative to traditional ground beef chubs. The plastic, clipless ground beef chub option was first introduced by Kane in partnership with Cryovac in December 2017 and has been well received by grocers across the South, the company says. Kane Beef currently is the only packer offering the chub.

Kane Beef logoKane’s clipless chub is designed to eliminate the risk of finding the metal clip in ground beef, as well as provide ease of use through an easy-open tear notch. The packaging also eliminates the hazard of cross-contamination that comes with cutting open traditional ground beef packaging.

Food safety was the first priority in product design, says Kane. Although easy to open by hand, the clipless chub is quintuple sealed to reduce any potential problems with leaking during a shipping or transfer process. The shelf life of Kane’s clipless chub is 20 days, the same as a traditional ground chub.

Kane’s clipless chub is in use by grocery store meat markets throughout Texas, but the company plans to soon make the packaging available to all of its customers.

Kane says the chubs’ trial period within its home state has been met with favorable reviews from meat market managers, “praising the cleanliness, food safety innovation and convenience compared to traditional ground beef chubs.”

For nearly 70 years, Kane Beef has served as a beef processor for cattle ranchers in South Texas. Since its beginnings in 1949, Kane Beef has expanded from a local meat counter to a national supplier of beef products with key accounts in retail and foodservice.

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