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Food Does Not Equal Meal

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by Tyson Foods Inc. 

Deli is more than convenience.

At Tyson Foods, we’ve worked with families and challenged them to use prepared foods for meals and then showed them tips and tricks when their dinners fell short of their expectations. We’ve partnered with leaders in industries across the nation to get their unique take on deli, its challenges and how to overcome them. We’ve piloted programs with retail partners to see what happens when we do deli right.

The deli prepared chicken category alone is a $4 billion category that continues to grow and is the anchor for most prepared foods departments.1 Across the top 25 supermarket retailers, however, shopper satisfaction with the deli is rated significantly below the overall shopping experience for the total store.2 By educating shoppers about what the deli has to offer and inspiring them with how to use the products for flavorful, easy meals, shopper satisfaction drastically improves.3 The key is for the retailer to use the tools at their fingertips: in-store signage, fresh products prepared at peak shopping times, digital messages with inspiration on how to use items to prepare simple meals to engage with shoppers and give them what they really want—a satisfying meal experience.

At Tyson Foods, we have a new way of approaching the deli and the opportunities we have as retailers and suppliers to change the conversation. Connect with us to find out more at

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