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Another Side: 4+1=48

Last updated on September 5th, 2012 at 04:05 pm

Ron Johnston Another SideNumbers which don’t add up? They do if you are using Shelby math.

While some periodicals have been subtracting, we have been adding.

Since the first Southeast issue (1967) to the Southwest (1976), we have added The Shelby Report of the West (2008), The Shelby Report of the Midwest (2009), and now The Shelby Report of the Northeast (2011). Equally noteworthy, our Sunbelt Foodservice magazine, now coast to coast, is in its 28th year.

To put our recent growth in perspective, Shelby had three publications after its first 40 years. In the four years since, we have doubled our titles.

March will usher in the first issue of The Shelby Report of the Northeast, the edition which completes our national footprint, the goal of a five-year corporate plan.

Front CoversIn geometric terms, 4 (SE, SW, W, MW) + 1 (NE) = 48 (States). Stay tuned, Alaska and Hawaii.

Other important numbers to consider in our 60-month progression…


<li>Move to 4-week print cycle—a new Shelby Report published every week.</li>

<li>Upgrade to stitch & trim, all publications.</li>

<li>Upgrade to all 4-color, all publications.</li>

<li>Upgrade from 30-lb. newsprint to 45-lb. offset, all publications.</li>

<li>Upgrade to 60-lb., high-definition cover on all Shelby Reports.</li>

<li>Addition of glossy covers, ­special commemorative issues, all Shelby Reports.</li>

<li>Addition of 80-lb. glossy cover to Sunbelt Foodservice.</li>

<li>Addition of 80-lb. glossy center spread and additional glossy pages, all Shelby Reports.</li>

<li>Addition of poly-bagged, glossy inserts outside publication.</li>

<li>Addition of website and online content.</li>

<li>Addition of five (5) regional managers placed in the heart of each region.</li>

<li>First-class editorial staff and production department, the regional experts.</li>

<li>First-class print partner (Walton Press), since 1900, state-of-the-art, new HD printing.</li>


It all adds up to a great story, titled “America’s Choice for Regional Coverage.” It’s much more than a slogan. It’s an affirmation from readers and advertisers across the U.S. that our philosophy and model for coverage and content are second to none.

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