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New Tippin’s Pies Website Allows Home Delivery

The new Tippin’s website, www.tippinspies.com, powered by Moblico’s mobile solutions platform, allows customers to order pies and have them delivered just days later.

Customers have their choice of 25 varieties of Tippin’s Pie, including no sugar added, oven-filled and fruit. The pies are delivered either baked or unbaked, according to the customer’s specifications. Each Tippin’s Pie is shipped with dry ice and baking instructions are included. Opting for an unbaked pie, allows customers to experience Tippin’s Pie baking it in their home.

For over 30 years, Tippin’s pie has been a Kansas City tradition and was originally founded in 1980 as Pippin’s Restaurant and Pie Pantry, in 1985, the name was changed to Tippin’s.

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