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Sweetbay Recognized with EPA ENERGY STAR Certification

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Tampa-Fla.,-based Sweetbay Supermarket with Energy Star certification for continued energy consumption reductions, as well as a strong corporate commitment to promoting superior energy performance. Of the more than 1,570 grocery stores acknowledged by the EPA for earning Energy Star labels for superior energy efficiency, only 170 were awarded certification. More than half of all Sweetbay stores were represented, with 53 making the cut for EPA Energy Star Certification.

“We are thrilled we will receive Energy Star certification for our stores and are committed to being strong corporate citizens in the communities in which we operate,” said John Turner, director of business development for Sweetbay Supermarket. “Sweetbay remains dedicated to environmental stewardship and is proud to continue to lead the way with energy conservation initiatives.”

Sweetbay began its energy-savings initiatives in 2009 and, in electric costs alone, has seen a $5 million savings. From doors on refrigerated cases to the addition of LED lighting with motion sensors, to night shades over non-door cases, this 18 percent reduction in energy costs equates to the equivalence of reducing carbon emissions by 32 million lbs., planting 4,427 acres of trees, powering 1,456 American homes for one year or taking 3,232 cars off the road, according to the company.

Additional efforts are planned for 2012, including additional LED lighting, doors on additional medium temperature cases, as well as on produce cases.

Sweetbay has 105 stores in Florida.

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