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Sweeten Valentine’s Day With Korbel Champagnes

Red roses, with their message of love, may always be the No. 1 Valentine’s Day gift, but sweet libations are clearly gaining ground, according to Korbel Champagne Cellars of California.

Korbel Sweet Cuvee and Sweet Rose—produced using the time-honored methode champenoise (in which the bubbles are created by secondary fermentation in the bottle)—are a newer Valentine’s Day tradition. Korbel Sweet Rose, for its rose hue and generous fruit, make the traditional gift of red roses wilt with envy, while Korbel Sweet Cuvee speaks to romance with its beautiful gem-like bubbles and bright delicate flavors, according to Korbel. The company says its Sweet varietals provide romantic color, fresh berry flavors and complex finish—which invite toasts to love and happiness, while pairing exquisitely with strawberries and chocolate.

For added flair: rim flutes with chocolate (simply heat some chocolate chips in the microwave until slightly melted. Mix the chips and twist the rim of the flute over the chocolate to coat. Let stand in the refrigerator for at least two minutes to set or until ready to serve). Place one cherry or raspberry in the bottom of your chocolate-rimmed flute and pour Korbel Sweet Cuvee or Korbel Sweet Rose over the top.


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