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Arizona Bill Requires ID to Get Food Stamps

Conservatives traditionally don’t like the idea of national identification cards, citing Orwellian “big brother” fears. Those same concerns aren’t always held when it comes to trying to keep illegal immigrants from getting jobs or welfare benefits, reports the Phoenix Business Journal.

Some Arizona Republican lawmakers have introduced a new bill in the legislature requiring those receiving food stamps in the state to have a state-issued identification card. They would then have to produce that card and another form of identification when buying groceries via the assistance program.

Arizona Reps. Carl Seel and Jack Harper are the main sponsors. Both are Republicans.

There are 1.1 million Arizonans on food stamps and 46.2 million Americans, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Arizona House Bill 2582 is being considered by state lawmakers. It’s aimed at cutting into fraud.

On the immigration and workforce front, Republican presidential combatants Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have talked up the idea of workplace identification cards for workers to help weed out illegal immigrant workers, the Journal reports.


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