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Karoun Dairies Rolls Out Greek Style Yogurt With Honey

Creating a healthy, energizing breakfast is easy and rewarding with Karoun’s new Greek Style Yogurt with Honey.

With 100 percent pure, all-natural honey and rBST growth-hormone-free Greek style yogurt, the health benefits are numerous. Rich in both naturally occurring glucose and fructose, the added honey will give both immediate and extended energy to get through the day, according to the company. Other benefits of honey include boosting the immune system and helping prevent cancer, a news release adds. Adding to the benefits of honey, probiotic cultures, such as those found in Karoun’s award-winning yogurt, have been shown to have a positive effect on the digestive system, which absorbs the vitamins and nutrients the body needs daily.

Karoun’s Greek Style Yogurt with Honey can be topped with granola and berries to create a parfait for breakfast, or be added to a morning smoothie for energy on the go, or end the day by substituting Karoun’s Greek Style Yogurt with Honey for a sweet, healthy dessert.


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