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Chef Launches Hip Chick Farms Company, Product Line

Chef Jen Johnson has launched a new company, Hip Chick Farms—creating hand-crafted, delicious frozen chicken fingers, chicken meatballs, chicken wings and chicken stock, made with all-natural, sustainable ingredients and practices. Hip Chick Farms was created from Johnson’s love of food and family and offers family friendly solutions for lunch and dinnertime.

Fresh, all-natural, sustainable—these are just a few of the qualifiers that are required when choosing the ingredients used in Hip Chick Farms’ products. Hip Chick Farms has been working closely with Sonoma County farmers to create lasting partnerships that support the local economy and ensure its ingredients are the best the county has to offer.

Hip Chick Farms uses pasture-raised, humanely treated chickens. All of the chickens used are grown naturally with plenty of room to roam in a thoughtful environment on family farms. The chickens are fed a high quality vegetable diet with no animal by-products or additives.

The all-natural product line uses whole chickens and creates no waste. There are no hormones, antibiotics or filler in the products. Freezing them ensures quality and purity.

Johnson has served as the executive private chef for Ann and Gordon Getty in San Francisco, Calif., for the last 11 years, cooking for President Obama, celebrities and Bay Area personalities. Prior to working for the family, she worked at the legendary Chez Panisse for 10 years alongside amazing chefs, and visionary Alice Waters.

Hip Chick Farms has launched a crowd-funding campaign through Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/953269395/hip-chick-farms-for-the-love-of-food-and-family) to promote the company, the products and to garner backers.

Kickstarter allows start-up companies like Hip Chick Farms to raise much-needed capital through friends, family and supporters. The campaign promotes the local economy by supporting small businesses via non-traditional funding sources.



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