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Safeway, Go Green Initiative Partner For Earth Day Contest

Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway Inc. is partnering with the Go Green Initiative to launch the first Go Green Glogster Earth Day contest.

Students will be asked to investigate the sustainability of the food, water or energy system in their community, and express their findings through videos, podcasts, blogs, music and photos compiled in a “Glog” (see www.edu.glogster.com). For the food system, students will examine the availability of locally grown and organic food in their neighborhood; food safety procedures at their local grocer; and the impact that higher fuel prices will have on the price of food where they live. Safeway is providing an organic garden to a winning school; a full-service, all natural barbecue for a winning class; and five $100 cash prizes to winning students.

“Safeway has worked very hard to bring more sustainable food choices to the communities we serve,” says Safeway VP of Sustainability Christy Consler. “Our sourcing team works to provide locally grown, natural and organic choices throughout our retail outlets, and our consumer brands provide a wide variety of healthy, affordable and more environmentally responsible food choices for families.”

“Today, one in seven Americans is on food stamps, while childhood obesity is sharply on the rise,” says Jill Buck, founder of the Go Green Initiative. “It’s time to take a good hard look at the sustainability and success of the food systems that nourish our children. Who better to bring this issue into focus than the children themselves?”

The Go Green Glogster Earth Day contest runs through April 22. For more information about entering, visit http://edu.glogster.com/contest/.


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