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Differentiating The Dairy Case: Benelact Launching New Line

Last updated on August 16th, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Benelact Dairy is introducing the world’s first all-natural, reduced cholesterol dairy foods.

At the FMI 2012 show in Dallas, Texas, April 30-May 3, the company will launch a line of butter and several cheese varieties with one-third less cholesterol than traditional butter and cheese. Branded and private label products are available globally.

Benelact Dairy foods are made using a patented technology that removes cholesterol from milk and cream mechanically, without the use of chemicals. Fats remain untouched, so flavor, functionality and nutrition stay completely intact. No flavor- enhancing additives or preservatives are required. Therefore, Benelact Dairy products retain their unique taste, texture and functional properties.

“Dairy has long been criticized for its cholesterol content and, to date, consumers have had to choose between lower cholesterol or great flavor,” says consulting nutritionist and registered dietician Mary Hartley. “Dairy substitutes, like margarine, have artificial ingredients and don’t bake well. Low-fat cheese has poor texture and meltability. Now people can fit Benelact Dairy foods into a lower-cholesterol diet without sacrificing flavor or function.”

Benelact Dairy products are real, all-natural dairy foods with simple ingredients. This is particularly important to the increasing number of consumers who avoid additives and actively seek natural foods with clean labels.

“Having delicious and better-for-you options in the dairy department and the deli case provides retailers with a greater profit opportunity to reach health-conscious customers,” says Ed Salinas, majority owner of Benelact Dairy LLC. “Benelact Dairy foods are priced competitively with traditional dairy foods, but lower in price compared to organics.”

Benelact Dairy makes all cuts and varieties of cheese, including commodity, specialty and ethnic types. Salted and unsalted butter varieties are available. Future products to the Benelact Dairy line include reduced-cholesterol milk, yogurt, frozen pizza and milk powders.

Benelact Dairy provides a full line of the world’s only all-natural, reduced-cholesterol dairy foods (branded and private label). Benelact Dairy foods have the same flavor, function and nutrition as traditional dairy but with less cholesterol. Products are made using the proprietary Benelact® technology, which was introduced in 2007 in response to increased consumer demand for healthier food options. The technology mechanically removes cholesterol from milk and cream without using chemicals.


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