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HumanKind Water Wins Walmart’s ‘Get On The Shelf’ Contest

HumanKind Water

Last updated on August 25th, 2022 at 01:47 pm

Walmart has announced the final winners of its Get on the Shelf contest, HumanKind Water, PlateTopper and SnapIt Eyeglass Repair Kit. More than 4,000 inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses from across the country entered the contest with video submissions for products ranging from household wares and children’s toys to organic food and green items. More than one million votes were cast by the public to vie for the opportunity to be carried at Walmart.com and in Walmart U.S. stores.

HumanKind WaterHumanKind Water, a bottled water company that gives 100 percent of its net profits toward clean drinking water for underdeveloped communities worldwide, was the grand prize winner. PlateTopper, a kitchen product that transforms dinner plates into airtight food storage containers, came in second. SnapIt Eyeglass Repair Kit, a screw kit to fix glasses in 30 seconds, was the third winner. All three products will be available on Walmart.com and HumanKind Water also will be on physical shelves in select Walmart U.S. stores soon.

“Get on the Shelf has brought out the best in American ingenuity and creativity with products that are clever, fun and useful,” said Joel Anderson, president and CEO of Walmart.com. “The three winners demonstrated a deep passion, incredible imagination, and sheer persistence in their journey. We congratulate them and are proud to carry their products at Walmart.”

HumanKind Water

HumanKind is on a mission to deliver clean filtered water to people in the world who need it the most. HumanKind, based in Philadelphia, reports that more than one billion people—one in seven across the globe—lack access to clean drinking water and half of all hospital beds in the world are filled with people dying from lack of clean water or sanitation. With the digging of wells, installation of filtration and chlorination systems and possible harvesting of rain, HumanKind believes the problem can be eradicated. For it, if every American purchased $10 worth of HumanKind Water a year—less than what most spend on Halloween candy—it could nearly eradicate one of the world’s largest and most tragic physical problems. HumanKind Water will be available soon on Walmart.com. In the meantime, customers can sign up for an email alert to notify them when the product is available.Walmart logo


PlateTopper, based in San Francisco, is the brainchild of Michael Tseng who first developed a prototype for the product in 2005 when he was studying at Princeton University. Tseng then went on to complete his graduate studies in biomedical engineering and medicine while working on PlateTopper part-time. In the last year, he has spent all of his time perfecting PlateTopper to enable people to quickly and easily store food right on the dinner plate. The product now is available for sale at Walmart.com for $19.77.

SnapIt Eyeglass Repair Kit

SnapIt Eyeglass Repair Kit, out of East Wenatchee, Wash., is a patented screw kit that fixes sunglasses or eyeglasses in 30 seconds. Inventor Nancy Tedeschi created SnapIt when her mother used a dangling earring to hold her broken glasses together. After starting on a path to create eyeglass charms, Tedeschi wanted an easier way to screw together eyeglasses and reinvented the tiny screws that are hard to grasp. SnapIt’s design employs a feeder tab that guides the screws in place, and can easily be snapped off once the glasses are secured. SnapIt will be available soon on Walmart.com and customers can sign up for an email alert to notify them of the product’s availability.

Throughout the contest, the winning inventors went the distance to market their participation. Humankind Water transformed its homepage into a “war room” completely dedicated to getting votes. PlateTopper deployed humorous videos and social marketing tactics to raise visibility, including a YouTube video, which has been viewed more than two million times. Tedeschi of SnapIt even went to the NBC Today Show’s plaza in New York where her assistant dressed as a giant screw and was seen on national television with a sign asking for votes.

Get on the Shelf, a program from @WalmartLabs, launched in January and asked contestants to send in videos of their latest inventions to be voted on by the public. In the first 24 hours of the contest voting, which began March 7, nearly 95 percent of the participants received a vote via Facebook or text. The top five product categories were home improvement, personalized products, health/wellness/fitness, fashion apparel/home, and outdoor home.


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