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Georgia Peach Council Sweetens Peoples’ Days

Georgia Peaches

Georgia Peach Council’s grassroots marketing campaign sweetened the day for stressful workers in the key markets of Tampa and Orlando, Fla. This year, Florida consumers have been greeted with updated public relations, advertising and social media campaigns featuring the catch phrase, “Georgia Peaches, All Kinds of Sweet.” To highlight the message, surprise “Sweet on the Street” deliveries of the flavorful fruit were made to people with the most stressful jobs and local consumers in Orlando and Tampa in an effort to sweeten their day.

Georgia Peach Council’s “Sweet on the Street” team first delivered fresh Georgia Peaches to Tampa-area residents at one of the city’s most popular summertime free music events, Rock the Park, held at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa. Concert-goers were surprised by enthusiastic Sweet on the Street team members in orange shirts passing out fresh, juicy Georgia Peaches.

The Sweet on the Street team made three more sweet deliveries in Tampa at the end of June. Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No. 14 each received a surprise visit from the Sweet on the Street Team. Unsuspecting firefighters opened the bay doors of their firehouses to hear cheers of appreciation and several boxes of Georgia Peaches. The firemen and women were honored with these gifts for their contribution and dedication to the local community. The final location for the Sweet on the Street Team was Tampa’s Charles J. Fendig Public Library. Patrons busy on computers and reading books were taken aback by the sudden appearance of more than 20 orange-shirted team members giving away Georgia Peaches and bracelets emblazoned with the Georgia Peach Council’s website.

The Sweet on the Street Team also made two sweet deliveries in downtown Orlando. The first stop was at Orlando Fire Station No. 1 to sweeten the day for the stressful firefighters. Team members cheered for the firefighters and delivered several boxes of Georgia Peaches. The next Orlando delivery took place in the heart of downtown during a Friday lunch hour on Wall Street, a popular pedestrian area. Orlando workers walking to and from lunch were shocked to see a crowd of orange shirts, cheering and passing out Georgia Peaches to sweeten their day.

“We’ve targeted Tampa and Orlando because Florida is a key market for Georgia Peaches,” said Duke Lane III, chairman of the Georgia Peach Council. “Floridians love our sweet Georgia Peaches and we love their oranges.”



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