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New Bayer Migraine Formula Offers Triple-Action OTC Option

Bayer Migraine

Bayer HealthCare’s Consumer Care Division is introducing Bayer Migraine Formula, an over-the-counter (OTC) medication designed to relieve migraine pain and accompanying symptoms—nausea, phonophobia (sound sensitivity) and photophobia (light sensitivity). The triple-action formula of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine aims to target and alleviate tough migraine pain fast and effectively.

Bayer Healthcare logoBayer Migraine Formula will be a welcome addition to the pain relief aisle for migraine sufferers across America who have been affected by the OTC supply issues this year, according to a company news release. The new formula contains the same three active ingredients and dosages for migraine relief as Excedrin Migraine, which became unavailable earlier this year.

Beginning today, consumers can go to BayerMigraine.com to get a $1 coupon to try Bayer Migraine Formula. Consumers can share the coupon with friends via Facebook or Twitter and triple the value of the coupon to $3 to try the new triple-action product.

“As a leader in OTC pain relievers worldwide, Bayer understands that consumers need different solutions for their different types of pain,” said Reese Fitzpatrick, director of marketing for Bayer Aspirin. “Consumers have been extremely vocal about the lack of OTC options tough enough to target throbbing migraine pain. With Bayer Migraine Formula, we can offer an effective migraine solution that consumers desperately want and need.”

Bayer Migraine Formula contains 250mg of aspirin, 250mg of acetaminophen and 65mg of caffeine.

Available at major retailers nationwide, Bayer Migraine Formula will be packaged in a 50-count or 200-count bottle of coated caplets.


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