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Companies Partner To Bring Harmoniously Raised Salmon To Texas


Verlasso, the world’s first provider of harmoniously raised fish, and Houston-based seafood distributor Louisiana Foods, have joined forces to bring Verlasso salmon to Texas. Verlasso has transformed the aquaculture industry since its introduction in 2011 with its innovative farming methods, according to a news release. Through this new collaboration, Verlasso Harmoniously Raised Salmon, will now be available throughout Texas for seafood lovers. Verlasso salmon also is available at retailers and restaurants through multiple regional distributors and direct-to-retail partnerships across the U.S.

“Verlasso uses less resources and creates a quality fish with a great-tasting mild flavor and silky texture—a win for the environment, the oceans and consumers,” said Jim Gossen, founder and chairman of Louisiana Foods, which was acquired by Sysco Corp. in August. “Oceans produce resources that we continuously take from but never replenish. In order to continue feeding consumers the seafood they crave, we have to recognize that the future is sustainable aquaculture, and the future of aquaculture is Verlasso. No other producer can match the Verlasso fish-in, fish-out ratio.”

Verlasso requires 75 percent fewer feeder fish to raise Omega-3 rich salmon. In traditional farms, salmon receive Omega-3s from fish meal and fish oil provided by wild-caught feeder fish, putting a significant strain on the oceans. While the average “fish-in, fish-out” ratio for fish oil and fish meal for salmon farms is about four pounds of feeder fish to produce one pound of salmon, Verlasso has achieved an industry-first “fish-in, fish-out” ratio of 1:1 for both fish oil and fish meal. The differentiating Verlasso 1:1 “fish-in, fish-out” for fish oil calculation is guided by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s salmon standards created during the World Wildlife Fund’s Salmon Aquaculture Dialogues and has been third-party verified by Det Norske Veritas.

“Verlasso has experienced steady growth over the last 11 months and we are moving full speed ahead. The goal of our partnership with Louisiana Foods is to extend our premium salmon to consumers in Texas who care about healthy, sustainable and delicious salmon,” said Scott Nichols, director of Verlasso. “Louisiana Foods shares our philosophy of sourcing fish in a way that ensures it will meet global demand for years to come. We’re a natural fit to fulfill Louisiana Food’s goal to offer sustainable seafood to its retail customers and their shoppers.”

As part of this new partnership, Verlasso will exhibit with Louisiana Foods at the Sysco Food Show from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 3 at the Reliant Center in Houston. During the event, attendees will enjoy grilled Verlasso Salmon with Arugula Chimichurri prepared by Chef Jennifer Bushman, a culinary consultant for Verlasso.


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