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Agri Beef Co. Adds Ground Beef Processing Facility

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Agri Beef Co., producer of premium Northwest beef brands Snake River Farms, Double R Ranch and St. Helens, has expanded its Washington beef processing facility in Toppenish, Wash., to include a grind operation. The new grind facility is co-located with the company’s beef production facility for efficiency. Agri Beef will now grind its own retail ground beef rolls (also known as ground beef chubs), bulk ground beef rolls and bulk ground beef patties.

The Northwest location of the combined facility allows for ease of frequent deliveries and consistent supply. It also will ensure shorter lead times and a fresher product with faster turnaround for increased shelf life. The new grind facility includes a two-step metal detection process and spiral freezer.

“Agri Beef’s investment in the new grind operation allows us to offer complete production for our brands and fulfill our commitment to efficient supply chain management,” says Jay Theiler, executive director of marketing. “Many of our customers requested that we offer Agri Beef produced grinds and we are proud to fulfill that request. We know that retail and foodservice customers will find our ground beef rolls and patties consistent with Agri Beef’s commitment to high quality.”

Retail ground beef

Agri Beef’s retail ground beef rolls (chubs) are available in 1- and 3-lb. packages under the St. Helens and Double R Ranch brands. The individual packaging features a 1-inch clear window for the customer to see the product. The retail rolls are available in 90, 85, 80 and 75 percent lean points.

Bulk ground beef

Agri Beef’s bulk rolls come in 5- and 10-lb. increments and in fine and coarse grind textures. The bulk rolls are available in 93, 85, 80 and 75 percent lean points. Agri Beef also produces a Snake River Farms American-Style Kobe ground beef 5-lb. roll with a lean point of 75 percent.

Agri Beef’s ground beef rolls are sold fresh but can be shipped frozen upon request.


Agri Beef’s frozen beef patties are available in bulk 10-lb. boxes. Patties range in size from 1/4lb. to 1/2lb.The patties are offered from the St. Helens Premium Angus Beef, Double R Ranch and Snake River Farms brands. The St. Helens and Double R Ranch patties are 80 percent lean and the Snake River Farms patties are 75 percent lean. Agri Beef also makes a patty for foodservice made from 75 percent regular ground beef and 25 percent American-Style Kobe beef.

Robert Rebholtz Sr. founded Agri Beef Co. in 1968 in Boise, Idaho, as a family-owned ranching and cattle feeding operation. The company has since grown to incorporate every step of beef production—from ranching, cattle feeding and animal nutrition to beef processing, marketing and sales.


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