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Axxess Brands Initiates Snack Shipper Display Program With Piggly Wiggly

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Axxess Brands LLC, an Axxess Unlimited Inc. company, has initiated a snack category growth plan for retailers at Piggly Wiggly supermarkets in Charleston, S.C., adding the “Better For You” shipper displays to store aisles.

Offering “Better For You” products at affordable prices, Axxess Brands has teamed with Piggly Wiggly supermarkets to create free-standing shipper displays to initiate incremental impulse purchases. The shipper displays will be available in stores beginning in August.

“Our intelligence data indicates that by creating the ‘Better For You’ shipper displays, we can maximize consumer interaction,” said Axxess Unlimited Chairman and CEO Michael Roth. “Consumers have many choices while maneuvering throughout supermarkets; our goal is to improve store performance and enhance customer satisfaction.”

“The global snack foods market is forecast to reach $334 billion, and 48,519 thousand tons in volume terms, by the year 2015—driven primarily by changing consumer demographics, perceptions, priorities and affluence levels. Today’s hectic lifestyles leave no space for elaborate family meals, thus paving the way for highly convenient, tasty and healthy snack food that serves as both appetizers as well as complete meal solutions. Strong opportunities exist for slim, lean, fat-free and guilt-free snacks, while innovation in terms of packaging, flavors and convenience will also continue to be the major growth drivers,” according to Global Industry Analysts Inc. in its recent snack food industry report.


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