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Amaize Sweet Corn Available For The Season

Amaize Sweet Corn

It’s time again for Amaize Sweet Corn, a rare breed of sweet white corn grown in limited supply throughout the U.S. This corn is noted for its taste, texture and sweetness, all of which took more than 20 years to perfect.

George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey developed Amaize Sweet Corn at Crookham Co. The pair began working on perfecting the taste and texture of Amaize Sweet Corn in 1989 after experiencing a type of corn with a crunch and a pop that differentiated itself from the textures of other corns, which tended to get mushy when cooked. In the 22-year development period, the duo tested more than 10,000 variations of corn before perfecting Amaize Sweet Corn.

Crookham is a premier and innovative breeding company based along the Snake River in Idaho. It has been a multi-generational business since its inception in 1911. More than 100 years later, Crookham continues to be the leader in sweet corn, yellow corn, onions and popcorn. It is the oldest and largest corn breeder in the U.S.

Amaize Sweet Corn is available for a limited time during the warm summer months and is sold exclusively in select stores.



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