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7-Eleven Offers Dollar Deals On Iced Coffee This Summer

7-Eleven Çhiller

7-Eleven is offering Wednesday dollar deals on its Chillers Iced Coffee caffeinated cold beverage treat. Every Wednesday until Aug. 28, participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide will offer its medium iced coffee drink for $1.

“7-Eleven iced coffee provides an indulgent, afternoon beverage treat and a refreshing alternative to hot coffee on warm summer mornings,” said Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven merchandising VP for fresh foods and proprietary beverages. “And, on Wednesdays this summer, they just might taste a little sweeter.”

7-Eleven customers pour the cold, latte-style drink over ice. Chillers Iced Coffee is available in most stores next to Slurpee and Big Gulp self-serve, cold and thirst-quenching beverages. French Vanilla and Mocha flavors are in most stores, although Hazelnut and Colombian may be available in some regions.

“Our recent study of iced-coffee customers shows Chillers Iced Coffee fans really love the convenience of pouring their own iced-coffee treat,” Smith said. “They told us that the rich, creamy flavor helps create a relaxing moment in their daily routine.

“Customers responded so positively to the $1 coffee Wednesdays last winter on hot coffee drinks that middle-of-the-week offers seem to resonate with our guests,” she adds. “So, we are giving them something really cool to drink at a great value on Wednesdays.”


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