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Report: Walmart Says It’s Winning Ad War With Publix

Publix vs. Walmart

It’s been about a year since Walmart began running television and print ads in Florida directly targeting Publix shoppers.

The ads, as the Tampa Bay Business Journal reports, promise that shoppers can compare their receipts from Publix to the same items on sale at Walmart to find a savings. And reports indicate that Walmart believes the ads are working.

The Tampa Tribune reports that, in every market where the ads are running, Walmart has registered a 1 percent increase in combined foot traffic and cash register sales.

Walmart recruits local mothers from parent-teacher associations, health clubs or other locations, the Tribune says. The subjects bring their most recent receipts and react in amazement at the savings they would have had shopping at Walmart. One recent example shows a trip to Publix cost $166.66 while the same items at Walmart cost $146.21.

Publix protests that the advertisements do not include their “buy one get one free” or “BOGO” offers, which result in much greater savings for many shoppers, the Tribune says.



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