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Hot Pockets Brand Unveils ‘Biggest Relaunch In Its 30-Year History’

Chef Lucien and Jeff Mauro
In this photo released by Nestlé Prepared Foods/Hot Pockets on July 16, 2013 - Food Network's "Sandwich King" Jeff Mauro and chef Lucien Vendôme, Director of Nestlé Culinary Innovations, reveal the new Hot Pockets brand sandwiches at the Nestlé kitchen in Chatsworth, Calif. (Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Nestlé Prepared Foods/Hot Pockets/AP Images)

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 11:51 am

The Hot Pockets brand sandwiches line is getting a major makeover with the biggest changes in the brand’s 30 years, according to a news release from Nestle Prepared Foods.

Hot Pockets is making over everything—from ingredients to flavor to look and aroma—and the new improvements are front and center in brand new television/advertising efforts in addition to changes in packaging. Hot Pockets also showcases the new and improved changes in all of its social media, including Facebook and Twitter and on its official website, with even more news in the pipeline.

The improved flavor varieties of Hot Pockets sandwiches include premium meats such as 100% Angus Beef, Hickory Ham, Signature Pepperoni and White Meat Chicken.

New Hot Pockets sandwiches are wrapped in new crusts with baked-in flavor. The pizza varieties feature a new garlic buttery seasoned crust and the deli sandwich varieties have a new crispy buttery seasoned crust.

The new and improved Hot Pockets sandwiches are “Irresistibly Hot” and now available at participating retail stores nationwide with a money-back guarantee. If consumers aren’t completely satisfied with the new and improved Hot Pockets sandwiches, their purchase will be refunded. (For more information, go to hotpockets.com/HotterPockets).

“Hot Pockets is excited to grow with its fan base, and really, the dialogue with our fans has spurred these major changes,” said brand director Daniel Jhung. “Our fans, namely millennial consumers, have high food IQs and high expectations, and because they expect more, we gave it to them. In blind taste tests, three out of five consumers significantly preferred the new and improved Hot Pockets Pepperoni Pizza sandwiches over our prior recipes. In fact, we are so confident fans will love the new and improved Hot Pockets sandwiches that we are offering a money-back guarantee.”

The new Hot Pockets brand sandwiches also have a new spokesperson—celebrity chef Jeff Mauro, host of the Food Network series “Sandwich King” and “$24 in 24.” Mauro previously was crowned the winner of “The Next Food Network Star” competition during its seventh season.

Together with Chef Lucien Vendôme of the Nestlé Culinary Center in Solon, Ohio, Mauro opened the doors of the Nestlé Kitchen in Chatsworth, Calif., for the first time to show the public all of the quality care and ingredients that go into making Hot Pockets sandwiches.

“As the ‘Sandwich King’, I know what elements go into making the perfect sandwich,” Mauro said. “I’ve always enjoyed Hot Pockets sandwiches, but the new and improved varieties are incredibly good. Offering a sandwich trifecta with new premium cuts of meat, new buttery seasoned crusts and real cheese, it’s the perfect combination of quality ingredients and delicious flavor. The new Hot Pockets sandwiches taste great, and I look forward to reintroducing them to fans everywhere.”

More information about the making of the new and improved Hot Pockets brand sandwiches from Jeff Mauro and Chef Vendôme, along with coupons (while supplies last), may be found at hotpockets.com/HotterPockets.

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