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Frieda’s Helps Produce Wholesalers Stock Up For School Snacking

Frieda's Rambutan Eyeball

Summer is nearly over, and parents will soon be shopping for healthy yet exciting lunch and snack options for their kids to take to school. Frieda’s Inc. says it is the go-to source for kid’s favorite fruits and vegetables. Some of the popular back-to-school items are Asian Pears, Baby Red Bananas, Medjool Dates, Mandarinquats, Baby Apples and Jicama.

Frieda's Asian Pears
Frieda’s Asian Pears

“Parents are constantly looking for something different to keep their kids interested in healthy eating—speaking from experience as a mother, of course,” says Karen Caplan, Frieda’s president and CEO. “Specialty fruits and vegetables make lunch and snack time an everyday adventure instead of something they’d want to trade for an unhealthy option.”

Frieda’s also offers a full list of items recommended for the USDA Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program and can assist wholesale partners in bringing more specialty items to schools. Frieda’s program currently introduces 400,000 students nationwide to Rambutan, Starfruit, Baby Kiwi, Mangosteen, Mini Sweet Pepper and Watermelon Radish.

“Partnering with Frieda’s has given us the tools necessary to help bring specialty produce into the classroom,” says Amy Catalani Holcomb of Lipman Produce, one of Frieda’s wholesale partners. “My favorite part is seeing the kids’ faces light up when touching and tasting produce procured from the other side of the world. It is truly an out-of-this-world experience.”

“Kids are more willing to try interesting fruits and vegetables than we expect,” Caplan adds. “I had a line of youngsters asking to taste Rambutan at a recent community event. “Frieda’s goal is to ‘Change the Way America Eats Fruits and Vegetables,’ and we can start with our children.

In the featured photo at top is Frieda’s Rambutan.



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