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Pepsi, Coke, Hershey’s Top Year’s Most Respected Corporate Brands List


CoreBrand today released its report on the most respected corporate brands, and PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Hershey’s top the list. This latest report in CoreBrand’s BrandPower Series (Brand Respect) identifies the top 10 most and least respected corporate brands based on the company’s proprietary familiarity and favorability data.

Rounding out the top 10 most respected brands are:

4. Harley-Davidson

5. Bayer

6. Johnson & Johnson

7. Kellogg’s

8. Campbell Soup Co.

9. Colgate-Palmolive

10. Estee Lauder

The least respected brands are:

1. Delta

2. Philip Morris

3. H&R Block

4. Denny’s

5. Big Lots

6. Best Buy

7. J.C. Penney

8. Capital One

9. Rite Aid

10. Foot Locker

Companies with a strong brand respect ranking are well liked by a large number of people, according to CoreBrand, which focused on the 100 brands in its database with the highest familiarity and then sorted those brands by their favorability to determine their brand respect ranking. Brands with the highest familiarity and favorability are defined as most respected. Those that are well known but have the lowest favorability are considered the least respected under the brand respect methodology.

“Our Brand Respect report methodology uncovered companies that are building respect with a strong reputation and sense of trust,” says James R. Gregory, founder and CEO of CoreBrand. “On the other hand, the 10 brands with the largest discrepancies between familiarity and favorability—all well-known brands—are all in a position with the right investments to improve perceptions to positively impact trust and business outcomes.”

Brand Respect key findings

• Seven of the top 10 most respected brands are from the consumer staples sector;

• Although considered among the most respected, these top 10 brands are showing a decline in favorability;

• Some brands continue to face challenges as a result of negative consumer sentiment over the economy;

• The least respected brands show representation across a broader variety of industries with some surprising showings (Rite Aid and Foot Locker); and

• Many less respected companies are on the rise (Delta and Best Buy) showing that branding investments are starting to deliver a return on the investment.









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