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Bison Council Launches To Encourage Americans To ‘Meet’ The Better Meat

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Bison is back. Enjoyed for centuries and already popular among health enthusiasts and many of the nation’s leading chefs, bison meat will be returning to the American diet with the help of The Bison Council, which launched Tuesday.

Uniting some of the country’s best culinary and nutritional experts, The Bison Council and its educational and recipe-focused website, TheBisonCouncil.com, will work to raise national consumer awareness about the benefits of consuming a variety of cuts of bison as part of a healthy diet. Bison meat is lower in cholesterol than both beef and chicken, and contains less saturated fat than beef. As an essential resource on all things bison, The Bison Council will dispel common myths and reestablish this protein as a wise option for red meat lovers.

To help spread the word, three nationally recognized food and health professionals have teamed up as ambassadors for this protein to draw attention to bison’s many nutrition facts. The Bison Council’s founding ambassadors include five-time James Beard Award-nominated chef and owner of Chicago’s mk The Restaurant, Michael Kornick; registered dietitian, television host and best-selling author, Ellie Krieger; and nationally-acclaimed food writer and founder of Meatopia, Josh Ozersky.

Kornick comes to The Bison Council from Chicago where he is well known and respected for his many culinary achievements. In addition to mk The Restaurant, Kornick owns DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, Ada Street and County Barbeque, all based in Chicago. He also serves as a consulting chef partner for 9 Group in Las Vegas. Kornick will help consumers understand the ease of cooking bison at home, using both new and existing recipes.

“Bison has always been one of my favorite meats and one that I have featured on my restaurant menus,” said Kornick. “I’m looking forward to working with The Bison Council to help educate at-home chefs on how easy it can be for them to incorporate bison into their favorite meat-centered recipes.”

Krieger hails from New York City, where she is the host of Food Network & Cooking Channel’s show “Healthy Appetite.” She has spent years in private practice encouraging better eating among her clients, and has published several award-winning books on healthy living. She shows clients how to incorporate bison into their diet without sacrificing quality and flavor.

“My mission is to help people enjoy the food they crave in a healthier way,” said Krieger. “Bison is an ideal choice for meat lovers. It makes a great substitute in conventional beef dishes, such as lasagna or tacos and it is actually lower in fat and calories than skinless chicken breast. Truly a red-meat lovers’ dream.”

New York-based Ozersky is a James Beard Award-winning food writer, whose work has appeared in national outlets like Esquire, Time, New York Magazine, RachaelRay.com, The Wall Street Journal and more. As a widely known meat-connoisseur and founder of the protein-filled event, Meatopia, Ozersky brings The Bison Council up-to-date news on the hottest chefs, restaurants and food trends. He will serve as a trusted guide for those seeking a delicious bison meal.

“I’m widely known as an ardent meat lover, and one of my very favorite proteins is bison,” said Ozersky. “Bison tastes a lot like beef, but with its own special character—not to mention being especially healthy. My goal is to get people to try and appreciate how delicious and tender it really is. I guarantee they’ll be glad they did.”

As part of the council’s launch, TheBisonCouncil.com will become a destination for consumers seeking access to bison-inspired recipes, nutritional details and comparisons, and tips on how to cook, enjoy and purchase bison.

The Council will communicate and interact with consumers about the importance of bison as a smart protein choice through a national advertising campaign that runs into 2014.

At national events in 2013, including Meatopia in San Antonio and the World Food Championships in Las Vegas, The Bison Council will promote the delicious taste, versatility and health benefits of bison.


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