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Queso Dip Yellow Added To Gordo’s Cheese Dip Line

Gordo's Queso Yellow

Kachwa Foods is launching Queso Dip Yellow to it’s No. 1-selling brand Gordo’s Cheese Dip line up. Made with 100 percent real cheese and wholesome ingredients, Gordo’s Queso Dip brings “The Real Taste of Old Mexico” home in six flavors—Original, Mild, Hot, Cheese ‘n Salsa, Chipotle and the newest variety, Queso Dip-Yellow. Gordo’s Cheese Dip is the same dip available in authentic Mexican restaurants.

Gordo’s Cheese Dip is ready to dip in less than two minutes in the microwave. Gordo’s also can be added to favorite recipes to give them extra taste.

Gordo’s is available in safe, microwaveable 16-oz. containers.



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