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Mulberry Love Beverage Makes Debut

Mulberry Love juices

Health advocate, author and entrepreneur Dianne Burnett has launched a antioxidant-rich, phytonutrient-potent new beverage—Mulberry Love. Sourcing her mulberries from organic trees in Izmir, Turkey, Burnett says naturally sweet Mulberry Love draws on the memory- boosting, vision-enhancing, heart-healthy and inflammation-reducing properties inherent in this new super food. Mulberry Love comes in two varieties—a premium organic mulberry juice that contains coconut water from the Philippines and an all-natural mulberry superfruit blend.

The 8.4-oz. heart motif bottles retail for $3.99 (natural) and $4.39 (organic) each. Launched this month, retailers already include Gelson’s, Whole Foods in the grocer’s Southern Pacific region, Ralph’s and select Von’s/Safeway. Distribution is being handled by UNFI, DPI and Nature’s Best. The only blended mulberry beverage available in the U.S., the brand, by the end of the month, plans to launch an organic mulberry juice/green tea blend as well as three distinct organic juice blend pouches for children—strawberry, peach and banana, according to Burnett. A billboard and bus shelter campaign will support the roll out.

Burnett researched mulberries when she was experiencing immunological challenges and needed a super food to boost her immune system. Her search led her to a mountainous region in Turkey, where villagers raved about the health benefits of their native mulberry trees.

Mike Robinson, a 30-year food and beverage industry veteran, joins Mulberry Love as head of sales. Prior to joining Burnett, Robinson was corporate VP for brokerage operations at Tree of Life as well as VP of sales for military and natural channels at Aqua Hydrate.

“In my many years in the industry, I have never seen a product received so well at retail,” Robinson says of Mulberry Love.

A portion of the profits from sales of Mulberry Love will be donated to the Joan Valentine Foundation (created in honor of Burnett’s mother who passed away from cancer), a foundation for natural cures dedicated to integrative, holistic and alternative healing methods, specifically in the treatment of cancer; and RainCatcher, a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing clean drinking water to impoverished regions around the world.



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