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Three Lollies Brand Pops Launch To Help Nausea Sufferers


Preggie-01The Three Lollies brand, created by a group of healthcare professionals, was started with a serious cause in mind—helping patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment or suffering from debilitating morning sickness deal with nausea naturally. With research, studies and, eventually, ingredients and a delivery method (lollipops and lozenges) that worked, Three Lollies was born. Today, the company boasts a line of products that it says is effective at conquering nausea as well as helping with other ailments and situations.

• Queasy Pops were designed to help patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment deal with the effects but can help alleviate nausea for a general queasy stomach or for motion sickness, especially when travelling. The unique delivery method along with a special formulation of essential oils and aromatherapy, including peppermint, sour lemon and ginger to name a few, create this natural remedy that also helps with dry mouth.

• Queasy Pop Kids is designed with different, more kid-friendly flavors (cola) but with the same helpful effects for nausea and upset stomach.

• Preggie Pops are designed for pregnant women. The natural products without artificial ingredients are a way for moms-to-be to safely and effectively get nausea relief.

Hangover-01• Hangover Sucks was created when Three Lollies realized that its findings could be applied to other ailments, including self-inflicted ones. The lollipops and drops aim to replenish key vitamins and minerals to knock out the hangover.

• Smoke Free Naturals is a nicotine-free way to quit smoking. Smoke Free Naturals includes small amounts of sugar because cigarettes actually contain sugar and this helps curb cravings. The lollipops and drops also have l-tryptophan to ease anxiety along with other natural ingredients and essential oils. Plus, the hand-to-mouth delivery method helps satisfy an oral fixation, according to Three Lollies.



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