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Food Share Partners Asks Industry For Donations

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Food Share Partners, Dallas-Fort Worth area group of nonprofits that serve the homeless, food pantries, medical centers and social service agencies, is asking food manufacturers and grocery retailers across the U.S. to donate usable food items that are nearing their expiration dates. The group will accept all grocery food products—shelf stable, refrigerated, frozen, nonfood and health/beauty items.

Food Share Partners is sponsored by 6 Stones Mission Network of Bedford, Texas, and is coordinated by Alex Horton, food resources manager, who is responsible for day to day operations of the organization.

“We are not a church but are a faith-based organization seeking to bring a new business model to assist in reducing this major lack of food in many large Texas cities,” said Horton.

Food Share Partners, which has built a transportation and logistics network, will dispatch trucks across the country to pick up food donations. Trucks will return to warehouses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and distribute the food within 24-48 hours.

The group receives 25-30 truckloads of free food donations per month. It does not charge any fees nor resale any donated product.

We are problem solvers,” said Horton.

Food companies with excess inventory, close code dates or problems in production can donate the food to Food Share Partners and receive a tax write-off.

To donate, call 817-868-7400 or visit 6stones.org/foodshare.


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