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Michigan Grocers Association Endorses Incumbent For Governor

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The Michigan Grocers Association (MGA) has endorsed Gov. Rick Snyder in his 2014 re-election bid, marking only the second time MGA has endorsed a gubernatorial candidate.

“Rick Snyder ran for governor four years ago with an ambitious plan to reinvent Michigan’s economy,” says MGA President and CEO Linda M. Gobler. “We began to see positive results almost immediately. In his first State of the State address, the governor called to eliminate Michigan’s antiquated item pricing law—a top MGA priority. A little over two months later, the law was gone. We knew, without question, that Gov. Snyder was moving Michigan forward.

“Repealing item pricing was just one of several substantial reforms the governor has enacted. MGA’s board of directors voted unanimously to endorse Gov. Snyder because of his impressive record of accomplishments. In remarkable time, he worked to repeal the job-killing Michigan business tax, prohibit state-specific ergonomics standards, cut unnecessary government regulations and red tape and much more. These were all key MGA priorities.”

Adds MGA Board Chairman Dave Duthler, president of Duthler’s Family Foods, “MGA’s mission is to promote the continued success of Michigan’s food industry. Gov. Snyder’s overhaul of Michigan’s business climate has allowed job providers like me to get our businesses back on the right track after a very difficult decade. People in Michigan need jobs and successful businesses lead to more job opportunities.

“In addition, the governor has been a huge supporter of the agriculture community—including the retail food sector. We need a leader like this to keep going strong. The food industry can only benefit from Gov. Snyder serving a second term.”

Gobler notes, “Looking ahead, the governor recently announced a state-wide plan to increase recycling across Michigan. MGA has been on the forefront of the effort to improve comprehensive recycling in Michigan for well over two decades. We look forward to working with the governor, state departments and other interest groups to establish a truly exemplary recycling program in our state. This will be yet another positive change as we continue to reinvent Michigan. The governor calls Michigan ‘The Comeback State.’ We need to re-elect Gov. Snyder and keep Michigan’s comeback going strong.”

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