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Love’s Adding Godfather’s Pizza Express Units To Stores In 16 States

The Godfather’s Pizza Express inside the Love’s Travel Stop in Quanah, Texas, opened in July.
The Godfather’s Pizza Express inside the Love’s Travel Stop in Quanah, Texas, opened in July.

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores is adding 64 new Godfather’s Pizza Express locations across 16 states this year and into early 2017.

Godfather’s Pizza VP of Development Dave Gartlan said Love’s is adding the Grab N’ Go program in 46 existing locations within six states, with a majority in Oklahoma. The rest will be new travel stops across the country.

“The Love’s team understands what sells in travel stops and convenience stores—their execution is second to none,” said Gartlan. “They’re a very well-respected company and the yellow sign with the heart is iconic across the nation.”

The addition of Godfather’s Pizza Express means more than 300 percent growth of Love’s sites serving “A Pizza You Can’t Refuse”—from a total of 21 to 85. Earlier this year, Love’s opened seven limited-service stores with Godfather’s Pizza Express in Arkansas, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas. Love’s stores with Godfather’s Pizza Express can already be found in Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.

“Our customers have expressed interest in more dining options as we continue to add locations nationwide,” said Joe Cotton, director of restaurant services for Love’s. “We had a great relationship with Godfather’s and we knew they would give us an excellent product at a competitive price, so expanding our partnership was a natural fit.”

Love’s is no stranger to the convenience store and pizza industry—the partnership began in 1999 in Oklahoma. Prior to 2016, Love’s operated 14 locations with Godfather’s Pizza Express.

“Travel stops and convenience stores make their money by selling food and snacks,” said Gartlan. “Branded pizza products, like Godfather’s Pizza Express, is proven to increase profitability.”

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