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New Boston HQ For America’s Test Kitchen, And More…

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 05:00 pm

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America’s Test Kitchen is moving its headquarters to Boston’s Innovation and Design Building. This news highlights the growth of the company and underscores America’s Test Kitchen’s ongoing commitment to providing home cooks with the highest quality content in a wide variety of media. The new headquarters will house 17,500 s.f. of operational space, complete with multiple state-of-the-art test kitchens, three dedicated television and video studios, multiple photo and editing studios and a kitchen specifically dedicated to product and recipe testing. On a single floor, the new offices will foster an environment that encourages collaboration and creativity, the company says. America’s Test Kitchen will house special kitchens for the ATK TV show, for “Cook’s Country” and for the company’s newest project, “Cook’s Science.”…

The robots are coming—well, at least to Washington, D.C. This fall, the first autonomous robots will start delivering restaurant food and groceries in the nation’s capital. Starship Technologies will begin a pilot program with the robots in Washington, the first U.S. location to OK ground-based robots on its sidewalks. The company is scouting for additional U.S. cities to conduct its tests.

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