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Wegmans Launches Power Meals


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 04:58 pm

Wegmans’ Power Meals were created by nutritionists and contain fresh, whole ingredients for balanced nutrition.

Wegmans’ Meal Development Team went about the creation of the meals in a different way than usual. Instead of having the chain’s nutritionists tweak recipes that chefs had already created to make them healthier, the process began with the nutritionists setting the parameters that Power Meals had to meet.

“We’ve learned a lot in recent years about how nutrients like protein and fiber can help people feel satisfied longer, so they’re less tempted to make choices which don’t align with their health goals,” said Wegmans Nutritionist Kirby Branciforte, RDN. “We also know what many people struggle with in terms of putting together well-balanced meals. So we created the guidelines for Power Meals for the chefs to follow in order to make it easier for folks.”

Under Power Meal parameters, they contain 600 calories or fewer; 25g or more of protein; at least 5g of fiber; less than 1,000mg of sodium; less than 10g of added sugar; and at least one cup of vegetables.

But flavor certainly is not an afterthought with Power Meals. The first choices include Kung Pao Chicken; Kung Pao Shrimp; Tuna Tataki; Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin; Black Pepper Salmon; Tuna Poke; and Ceviche.

Power Meals are priced in the $8-$15 range, depending upon the ingredients. Participating stores may carry a selection, rather than all eight varieties, in the Market Café area of the store.

“We did a pilot launch of Power Meals a few of months ago at our Pittsford, New York, store, and it’s been incredibly successful,” according to Executive Chef John Emerson. “We listened to our customers and they wanted easy meal solutions that pack a nutritional punch without compromising on flavor. Power Meals check all of those boxes at a competitive price point.”

“We know our customers want meals that deliver on both flavor and health,” added Branciforte. “We try to offer many different tools to make it easier for families to eat balanced meals in portions that can keep everyone feeling their best.”

Wegmans Food Markets is a 92-store supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts.

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