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Grocery Checkstands Drive Greeting Card Sales


Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 09:09 am

Hallmark is partnering with several top supermarket retailers to test a new opportunity for greeting card sales at the grocery checkstand and is seeing positive sales as a result. One grocery partner reported seeing not only increased sales, but more units sold and a higher average price per card.

“We are always looking for flexible solutions for our retailers,” said Stacey Howe, GM of national accounts for Hallmark. “We believe a dynamic, eye-catching check stand display, filled with product that is relevant, entertaining and has high pick-up appeal is going to work, and we are pleased to have strong retail partners help us drive the results of this program.”

Checkstands provide an opportunity to increase sales on impulse products. One grocery chain placed a Hallmark display at multiple checkstands with a specifically curated assortment of Hallmark Flagship cards, premium Signature cards and Shoebox, Hallmark’s humor line, as well as key seasonal cards. The display faces into the checkout lane to engage with a captive audience and delight them with an unexpected product offering, according to Hallmark.Hallmark-Check-stand_Signature

Other Hallmark grocery retail partners are testing similar programs with a “mini” Hallmark department in stores. These displays sit at the front of the checkstand facing into the store, not only driving impulse sales but also serving as a reminder to shoppers to visit the full Hallmark display in the store to fulfill their greeting card needs, according to the company.

In addition to increasing the market basket, checkstand greetings displays can benefit grocers from a labor perspective. Hallmark’s field service team services the greetings display, removing the need for store personnel to merchandise products. Hallmark says it provides every store with a custom solution based on the current merchandising fixture and the store’s target shopper.

“The success of checkstand greetings displays is dependent on two factors: quality service and tailored product,” said Howe. “Our unsurpassed localization knowledge ensures the products offered match what each store’s customers are looking for. When you couple that with our exceptional field service teams, you have a solid game plan that will win, as proven by the early results we are seeing with this program.”

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