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MOM’s Organic Market Will Mark 30th Anniversary On July 2


Family-owned and -operated MOM’s Organic Market made its first sale on July 2, 1987, when founder Scott Nash hand delivered a box of fresh organic produce to a customer on Evelyn Drive in Rockville, Maryland.

Now, with 17 stores in four Mid-Atlantic states and 1,000 employees, MOM’s will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Sunday with an in-store celebration from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at all locations.

To mark the occasion, MOM’s has released some of its milestones over the past three decades:

  • In 2005, MOM’s became the first grocery chain to ban plastic grocery bags, preventing the use of more than 18 million plastic bags.
  • Made free car-charging stations available for customers at 16 locations.
  • In 2008, made in-store composting and recycling for hard-to-dispose-of items available to customers (i.e. corks, eyeglasses, cell phones, household batteries and shoes).
  • In 2010, performed “plastic surgery,” reducing the use of plastics and becoming the first retail chain to ban the sale of plastic bottled water.
  • In 2011, began to offset the carbon emissions of customer trips to and from its stores by installing solar panels at two stores and launching a MOM’s Solar Farm in Kingsville, Maryland. The solar farm generates enough renewable energy to cover more than 25 percent of the company’s stores total energy needs.
  • MOM’s donates more than $500,000 every year to environmental organizations that strive to make their communities more sustainable.
  • Each store volunteers at community cleanups and events year-round.
  • Each store trains a multitude of “environmental restoration captains” to become the subject matter expert in recycling, renewable energy and green initiatives.
  • MOM’s also offers new sections, such as sustainable insect proteins, Backyard Beekeeping, exclusively green-rated sustainable seafood, GOTS certified organic and sustainable clothing, and zero waste bulk offerings.

“I started this company out of my mom’s garage in 1987 with an initial investment of $100,” said Nash. “Thanks to our customers and employees, we’re celebrating this momentous day and the efforts to make the world a better place to live.”


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