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Massachusetts Firm Wins Innovation Award For Best Food Safety Solution


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 04:52 pm

Massachusetts-based Nature’s Frequencies’ Food Freshness Card last month won the United Fresh Innovation Award for the Best New Food Safety Solution.

Rick Hassler, director of Nature’s Frequencies and developer of the Food Freshness Card, said, “This award, which comes at the same time as the award the Food Freshness Card received from Food Logistics for Top Green Provider 2017, makes us humbly proud, and more determined than ever to share this innovative technology with the food industry.”

The Food Freshness Card is laboratory and commercially tested to keep food fresher longer.

“The Food Freshness Card has the unique ability to assist with freshness at any point in the food chain; from the farm to packaging, pallet, container, and all the way to distribution and retailer,” said Hassler, pointing out that the technology can extend the shelf life and prolong the freshness of many fruits, vegetables and breads.

Recently, 36 Food Freshness Cards were installed in the commercial kitchen facilities at Bridgewater State University, which are administered by Sodexo.

Prior to installation, average spoilage and waste totaled approximately $500 per month. During the three-month case study, each month recorded $0 spoilage for a three-month savings of approximately $1,500.

“The Impact the Food Freshness Card can have on sustainability and the planet cannot be understated,” said Hassler. “Worldwide, more than $1 trillion in food is wasted annually. The energy and resources used to produce the 40 percent of food waste in the U.S. alone is enormous. If the Food Freshness Card can reduce food waste—even by 1 percent—the savings in energy and resources would be astronomical. In addition to its successful application in farms, supermarkets, commercial kitchens, shipping containers, walk-in refrigerators, post-harvest and food processing areas, the card works great in a home refrigerator. Our unique technology can be utilized to solve many sustainability issues and will continue to expand with more uses and customized solutions.”

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