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Independent Mississippi Grocer Testifies On Tax Reform

Wettlin Treppendahl
Wettlin Treppendahl

On Wednesday, July 25, Wettlin Treppendahl, single-store operator of Woodville, Mississippi-based Treppendahl’s Super Foods, testified before the House Small Business Committee in a hearing titled “The Tax Law’s Impact on Main Street.” The hearing will examine how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has affected small businesses. Members of the committee will hear directly from small business owners regarding the impact the law has had on their operations and their outlook moving forward.

A fourth-generation grocer, Wettlin Treppendahl shared with the committee how the new tax reform law has increased his confidence in making important business decisions and has allowed for him to reinvest in his store.

“As a direct result of tax reform, we have upgraded and replaced 12 doors in the frozen foods section of our store during the past few months,” Treppendahl said in his written testimony.

In his testimony, Treppendahl applauded the passage of tax reform, and urged Congress to advance reforms that create a more level playing field and long-term certainty, such as making the pass-through deduction permanent and establishing rate parity between S corporations and C corporations, as well as making the estate tax exemption permanent.

“The 20 percent pass-through deduction is also positive for my business, as we are organized as an S corporation, but long-term certainty for this provision and rate parity with C corporations is desired for the future,” Treppendahl said.

“Independent supermarket operators, such as Wettlin, are the cornerstone of their communities. We know tax reform can help these entrepreneurs to continue to invest in their companies, employees and communities,” said Greg Ferrara, NGA EVP of advocacy, public relations and member services.

A webcast of the hearing can be found on the committee’s website here.

Treppendahl’s has been family-owned and -operated since 1924. Today Wettlin Treppendahl is assisted in the daily operation of the store by his son and daughter, Adolph Wettlin Treppendahl III  and Susan Treppendahl LeBlanc.

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