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The Makers Of 5-hour Energy Shots Add Tea Flavors

5-hour tea lemonade new flavor

Farmington Hills, Michigan-based Living Essentials LLC, the makers of 5-hour Energy shots, has added two flavors to its growing 5-hour Tea line. Lemonade-Tea and Raspberry-Tea flavors are now available for purchase in at retailers and online.5-hour Tea Raspberry flavor

“With three great tasting flavors of 5-hour Tea shots, we now have a flavor for every taste” said Lynn Petersmarck, VP of advertising.

The 5-hour Tea shots are sugar free with 4 calories, and contain a combination of B-vitamins, amino acids and caffeine derived from green tea leaves. These shots can give people a long lasting, non-jittery enhancement to their day.

The 5-hour Tea shots come in the same size bottle as the well-known 5-hour Energy shots but the white label is unique to the tea line.

“The sleek white bottle grabs people’s attention. It makes the bottle really stand out,” said VP of Creative Carl Sperber. “And, the varying vibrant color ribbons on the bottles make it easy for people to find the flavor they want.”

To enhance the launch, Living Essentials LLC will debut a new advertising campaign in February that highlights the flavors and the role 5-hour Tea can play in consumers’ everyday lives.

“You will soon see the new 5-hour Tea commercials everywhere. Our robust media plans include television, radio, digital, social media and print advertising,” said Petersmarck.

The 1.93 oz. bottles do not require refrigeration. Certified Kosher by Star-K, the shots also provide people with vitamin B-6 and B-12. Instead of high-calorie sugar or aspartame, 5-hour Tea shots contain sucralose, a zero-calorie sweetener made from sugar.

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