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Caulipower Now Among Top 10 Frozen Pizza Brands

Caulipower pizza

As Encino, California-based Caulipower celebrates its top-10 ranking among frozen pizza brands, the company is launching its personal-size cauliflower crust pizza.

Caulipower introduced the new personal size cauliflower crust pizza at the National Products Expo West earlier this month.

Caulipower jumped from 11th to ninth among the best-selling pizza brands in America in four weeks. With more than 500 brands in the $5.4 billion frozen pizza market, Caulipower is the only better-for-you pizza brand in the top 10.

The Caulipower personal-size cauliflower crust pizza is available in Three Cheese and Margherita. The personal-size pizza is 250 calories and 280 calories for the entire pizza.

It will be available in stores late summer.

Caulipower also offers products such as All Natural Uncured Turkey Pepperoni Pizza in retail, SweetPotaTOASTS and Caulipower tortillas.

“We are simply overwhelmed and humbled by the love people are showing for Caulipower. They try us because they want a lower calorie, gluten-free or just healthier version of their traditional pizza,” said Gail Becker, founder of Caulipower. “They come back again—and again—because they fall in love with the taste.”

Caulipower is continuing its distribution expansion. It is now sold at major retailers including Albertsons/Safeway, Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods Market and Sprouts.

“We call Caulipower the pizza that loves you back because it tastes like a delicious thin crust pizza but takes better care of you with less calories, more vitamins and nutrients, half the sugar and less fat than other traditional and gluten-free frozen pizzas. Now you can have a healthy snack anytime with our new personal-size pizza,” Becker said.

Caulipower products use real cauliflower and nothing synthetic. The Caulipower products are rich in vitamins and are naturally gluten-free options that are lower in calories, sugar, fat and sodium. Caulipower is the leading better-for-you pizza, top-ranked cauliflower crust pizza, No. 1 gluten-free pizza and top 10 frozen pizza brand in the United States.

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