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Ceria Brewing Co. Becomes Growpacker’s First Incubator Brand

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Growpacker Inc., a Toronto, Ontario-based contract manufacturer of foods and beverages that are infused with THC and CBD, has created a brand incubator and accelerator program to help companies who make products with THC and CBD develop their brands for sale in California.

The first company to participate in the Brand Incubator and Accelerator Program is Ceria Brewing Co., which created and brews Blue Moon Belgian White. Growpacker says it believes Ceria can become a market leader for dealcoholized cannabis-infused beer in North America.

The Brand Incubator and Acceleration Program offers Growpacker’s industry expertise to manufacturing partners, providing them with early access to new formulation, discounted services and helping them fast-track their market penetration in California. Growpacker retains an equity interest in the participating brands and companies.

“We look forward to introducing this innovative new product category to America’s largest cannabis market through Growpacker’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and distribution network,” Ceria creator and former brewmaster Keith Villa said. “As the leading co-packer in cannabis, Growpacker is helping tomorrow’s brand names grow and scale commercially, while also accelerating the evolution of California’s adult-use market.”

Ceria created Grainwave Belgian Style White Ale, a THC-infused dealcoholized craft beer, which was introduced in Colorado in December 2018. The company’s first limited production run immediately sold out. Growpacker and Ceria are planning to launch the beverage in California soon.

Ceria started working with InterContinental Beverage Capital to secure distribution and help market the product in May 2018.

“As our first incubator and accelerator brand, Ceria Brewing Co. arrives at a transformational stage in our company’s evolution,” Stephen Boyd, CEO of Growpacker, said. “We are excited to begin this journey with Ceria, and work with their talented team as they move their momentum across the country, establishing their market presence in California. We have seen tremendous interest in this incubator program and look forward to building one of North America’s largest portfolios of innovative cannabis brands.”

Villa will serve as a strategic advisor to Growpacker for its cannabis beverage category, where he will be involved in developing the dealcoholized THC-infused beverage segment, which is expected to become one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.

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