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Odwalla Unveils 3 Smoobucha Flavors

Odwalla Smoobucha

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 04:21 pm

Stores nationwide are now selling Odwalla’s Smoobucha, the company’s take on the tea beverage kombucha.

Odwalla Smoobucha is available in three flavors:  Citrus & Guava, Berry & Ginger and Apple & Greens.

Odwalla Smoobucha was unveiled at the Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim, California, earlier this month. It blends the taste and texture of fruit smoothies with the boldness of pasteurized kombucha, with 40 percent less sugar and fewer calories than leading smoothies.

The beverage also includes 500 million colony-forming units of “good” bacteria, a source of fiber that helps support digestive health and delivers 100 percent daily value of antioxidant Vitamin C.

Odwalla Smoobucha is offered in 15.2-oz. bottles.

Brand Director Sara Smith said Odwalla Smoobucha demonstrates Atlanta, Georgia-based The Coca-Cola Company’s commitment to innovating quickly to bring people beverages they want while staying true to Odwalla’s mission to nourish every body and soul.

The idea for the first-of-its-kind offering formed eight months ago during an internal brainstorm session.

“Our innovation strategy focuses on bringing trends from the fringe to the mainstream health and wellness shopper,” Smith said. “Kombucha is growing 40 percent year over year, but can be polarizing because of its vinegary, tart taste. We saw this as the perfect opportunity for Odwalla to create a bridge for people who have been either intimidated to try kombucha or turned off by its taste.”

Odwalla also is introducing two limited-edition flavors inspired by spring: Hot Tropics and Mint to Be Berry are a blend of 100 percent juice, coconut water and botanical ingredients such as jalapeño and mint.

Kombucha is a sweetened black or green tea beverage that is fermented, lightly effervescent and slightly alcoholic. Its popularity has grown recently as it has gained a reputation for its supposed health benefits. Kombucha is made through the fermentation of tea using bacteria and yeast in symbiotic cultures.

Odwalla is based in Half Moon Bay, California.


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