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Don Francisco’s Coffee Launches Nespresso Compatible Espresso Capsules

Don Francisco's Coffee

Gaviña & Sons Inc., makers of Don Francisco’s Coffee and a wide variety of other family-crafted coffees, has launched Don Francisco’s Coffee Family Reserve espresso capsules, compatible with Nespresso Original Line machines. The company is currently one of the only coffee companies roasting and packing its Nespresso-compatible capsules in the U.S.

The new line comes in 10-count packs (SRP $6.99) and is now available on Amazon.com and at donfranciscos.com, and in June will become available across retail grocery stores including Lucky Supermarkets, Save Mart, Safeway (Eastern), Safeway (Denver) and Albertsons (Arizona). It will continue to roll out across other supermarkets in California, Seattle, Portland and Denver later this year. The line comes in four new Don Francisco’s Coffee Family Reserve Espresso blends, including Clásico, Old Havana, Orgánico and Nuevo Mundo.

Don Francisco’s Coffee has an authentic coffee legacy, which dates back almost 150 years to the Gaviña family’s beginnings in the rich coffee-bearing soil of Cuba, where the word espresso means coffee. In 1967, the family opened F. Gaviña & Sons Inc. and its first espresso blend was born. All of their coffees are still crafted by the same family who established the company 52 years ago, and with this new product the company has re-imagined and re-engineered its beloved espresso tradition to fit modern times.

“Don Francisco’s Coffee Family Reserve espresso capsules were created with convenience and great taste in mind—a new way to elevate your daily morning ritual by simply popping in a capsule” said Pedro L. Gaviña, president of F. Gaviña & Sons Inc. “Our family prides itself in our ability to remain innovative without having to sacrifice the quality and taste of our coffee. With the new capsules we are happy to bring to market great-tasting, high quality espresso blends that are sure to satisfy the highest palate.”

The Don Francisco’s Coffee Family Reserve espresso capsules offer a variety of high-quality blends with unique taste profiles, adapted for an easy-to make single-serve format. The capsules are available in an array of intensity levels from 6-9, which indicates the flavor intensity of the roast and complexity of the blend. Made with premium 100 percent Arabica coffee, the line is also kosher certified.

The new Don Francisco’s Coffee Family Reserve espresso capsules are available in four distinctive blends and intensity levels:

  • Clásico is Don Francisco’s traditional European style espresso. It’s a blend of Central and South American coffee beans that are carefully roasted to develop spicy dark chocolaty notes, full body and rich flavor. Clásico is the most intense flavor profile of the four with an intensity level of 9.
  • Old Havana is nutty and sweet with hints of citrus blended to a smooth finish that instantly transports drinkers to the streets of old Havana. Add lots of sugar to make a Café Cubano. Old Havana has an intensity level of 8.
  • Orgánico is a traditional style espresso featuring organically grown Central and South American coffee beans. It is sweet, floral with hints of caramel, and a well-balanced flavor. Orgánico has an intensity level of 7 and is USDA Certified Organic.
  • Nuevo Mundo is unlike traditional espressos from the Old World. It’s an exotic blend of East African, Southeast Asian, Central and South American coffee beans with berry-like aroma, bright acidity and a smooth finish. Nuevo Mundo has an intensity level of 6.

According to a National Coffee Association (NCA) 2019 online survey, 63 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day, and even with the rise of consumption at cafes (35 percent), 78 percent of coffee is consumed at home. In addition, 42 percent of those consumers own a single-cup coffee brewing system, which is the second most popular brewing method in the U.S.*

“Consumers’ love for coffee only continues to grow, and what’s more exciting is that there are now so many ways to make it and enjoy it—from pour over, to cold brew and now espresso capsules,” Gaviña said. “For our family, all coffee is great and we jokingly say that it runs through our veins. But espresso, in particular, is especially near and dear to our hearts because it’s what we grew up on, so we have to make it great.”

Gaviña & Sons Inc. released a Nespresso Compatible capsule coffee earlier this year for their Latin style espresso brand, Cafe La Llave. All F.Gaviña & Sons Inc. coffees are blended, roasted and packed in the USA, right from the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Vernon, California.

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